Highest quality wood products.
With real cost benefits.

With 25 years of industry leading methods, Wood Products International has been leading the way in modern, ecologically-sound lumber, marrying contemporary, responsible wood products to traditional designs and styles. Being purveyors of quality lumber, we leave little or no waste behind and use the whole tree to make a diverse selection of wood products. From large scale rough lumber to our finished line of hearth, home and outdoor products, we are your direct source, providing dependable, timely service for all your wood product needs.

A few of our products include:

* Fatwood Firestarter visit site * All Natural Charcoal visit site
* Honduras Pitch Pine visit site * Fiji Mahogany
* Carribean Heart Pine visit site * Honduras Pine Profile Paneling

Go Green.
Its Where We Live.

We take great care in leaving the forest as we found it. All of our products originate from renewable, non-endangered lumber sources. Through our strong environmental policies, we seek to continue our commitment to forest sustainability while satisfying our customers expectations of quality products at low costs.

What's New

The launch of WPIs newest product, All Natural Lump Charcoal

See what Honduras Pitch Pine can do for your next project

Fatwood All Natural Firestarter is the safest and fastest way to start a fire